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To most people, the sky is the limit.
To those who love aviation,
the sky is home.

We know Crew-Hotel.

HOTAC-GmbH is an independent company located near Frankfurt in Germany.

Our core service is to provide hotel rooms and transportation for airline crews worldwide. We also provide hotel accommodation for passengers in the event of flight schedule changes.

We are the only service provider in this market segment with former crew accommodation procurement experts on our management team.

Crew Accommodation

We keep our promises.

HOTAC sees itself as service provider and partner of airlines and hotels. Our core business is the worldwide provisioning of suitable hotel rooms. [...]

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Flight Irregularity


We help airlines around the clock and throughout the year to find suitable hotel rooms in case of flight schedule changes [...]

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Ad hoc Travel Management
for Emergency Response


In emergencies, we support the crisis management group and provide hotel rooms, transportation and catering capacities for relatives, [...]

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In light of ever increasing costs and budget constraints in the airline industry and continuously changing economic conditions, we offer consulting [...]

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Event Management


The HOTAC team is proud of over 25 years experience in the international hotel business and event management industry. [...]

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Crew Transportation
in Frankfurt


In 2016, we extended our service portfolio. Through the acquisition of a local transport business with over 40 years experience in crew transportation, [...]

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Crew Transportation


As part of hotel room RFPs, we also coordinate and negotiate crew transportation. [...]

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