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HOTAC Crew Accomodation for airline crews

To most people, the sky is the limit.
To those who love aviation,
the sky is home.

We know Crew-Hotel.

Crew Accommodation Management

Crew Accommodation

We keep our promises.

Flight Irregularity Handling

Flight Irregularity

Ad hoc Travel Management for Emergency Response

Ad hoc Travel Management
for Emergency Response

Event Management for airline crews

Event Management

Airline Crew Transportation in Frankfurt airport

Crew Transportation
in Frankfurt

Airline Crew Transportation Management

Crew Transportation

HOTAC-GmbH is an independent company located near Frankfurt in Germany.

Our core service is to provide hotel rooms and transportation for airline crews worldwide. We also provide hotel accommodation for passengers in the event of flight schedule changes.

We are the only service provider in this market segment with former crew accommodation procurement experts on our management team.

We know Crew-Hotel.

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